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Science in the Service of Nature

Every member of our senior team has earned a PhD in Plant Genetics. Using science to help others is at the heart of who we are, driving our commitment to better understand and protect the vast array of solutions and discoveries found in the plant world.

Our training is what enables us to create the family of tools our partners rely on to improve their products and grow their businesses. We are LeafWorks.

We are Science in the Service of Nature.

Plant Gender ID Tests

The sooner you know, the better!

You already know that half of each grow is never going to produce flower you can sell. You lose half the plants, but you also lose half the time and effort, half your available space, and half the materials. Not to mention the risk of cross- pollination that male plants bring. Separating the males can either happen in the first two weeks, or it can happen 6-8 weeks after planting. Sooner is better.

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The LeafWorks Seal:
Certified Feminized Seed

The development of feminized seeds has been a huge step forward for breeders and growers. But the risks that come with unverified seeds – both in terms of ruined harvests and litigation – means you must be absolutely certain that your seeds are feminized. With the Leafworks Certified Seal, your customers enjoy visible proof that you stand behind your seeds. Buy and sell with confidence and transparency.

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Our Promise

We are a female-led team of scientists, dedicated to protecting the plants we love. Our tests are created to help those who work with plants continue to better understand their work and their passion.

Our promise to you is that we will always bring an unparalleled combination of scientific rigor and uncompromising ethics, in the service of educating, protecting and raising up the study of plant genetics. Our efforts are focused on giving you the tools to honor your vision for your work and the plants you create.

Eleanor Kuntz PhD, Chief Executive Officer Kerin Law PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

We Grow Better Together

The LeafWorks team is here to work with you and guide you through every aspect of the supply chain, from the creation of your seeds to processing and delivering tested and certified product. Our scientific rigor means that our solutions are proven. And our partners get the help they need. 

LeafWorks does not accept plant material or Schedule I materials for testing.

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