About Us



We are a plant genetics company conducting cutting edge plant research and developing ready-to-use plant identification tests for the Cannabis, Hemp, and Traditional Herbal markets. 

Our research links diverse genotypes to agriculturally important traits to produce a foundational understanding of Cannabis, Hemp and the top 40 most popular herbs. Unlike others in the testing space, our research is built upon Certified Reference Material. Certified Reference Material is the scientific standard for all plant genetic identification and an essential prerequisite to produce accurate genetic tests. Without it, data cannot be validated.

Using our validated findings, our skilled in-house laboratory and analysis teams convert this research into crucial DNA-based products that mitigate risk and maximize transparency in the herbal market. Our products combat fraud and improving breeding programs for our clients in the Cannabis, Hemp, and Traditional Herbal markets, empowering you to make better decision making and increase confidence in what you are buying, selling, growing, and consuming. 

At LeafWorks, using science to help others is at the heart of who we are. Our training drives our commitment to better understand and protect the vast array of solutions found in the plant world. Our efforts are focused on building products that ensure consistency, maximize safety, steward sustainability, and honor herbal culture. Join us and together we can build a better botanical world.




Watch the video to see how LeafWorks is constructing DNA-based tools for a more sustainable and trustworthy market.