LeafWorks Cannabis & Hemp Supply Chain Certification

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Want to verify your product across the supply chain?


The need for product transparency and consistency is essential. The LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification is a DNA-based test that tracks and verifies your material as it moves along the supply chain. Our verification service tracks samples, assesses batch consistency, incorporates DNA-level quality control measures, and mitigates fraud. You can get ahead of your competitors and incorporate compliance testing into your operational plan for potential FDA and cGMP level compliance.


LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification works in two phases. In phase one, LeafWorks botanical experts work with you to create Certified Reference Material for your cultivars to establish a gold-standard DNA baseline for future sample verification. This unlocks phase two, sample testing, where we compare material in your supply chain to the reference material to validate cultivar identity. Upon a match, you get a Certificate of Authenticity and the LeafWorks Certification Seal for your product stating that your sample is what you claim.

What you get:
  • Create a gold standard reference for your cultivar
  • Claim your cultivar in the market
  • Provide a sample reference to track Material Transfer
  • Auditing and licensing enforcement
  • Registers your cultivar in the LeafWorks Cultivar ID database¬†

This certification is customizable to any cannabis, hemp or herbal operation.

Bulk discounts available for customers who need to routinely check their batch lots.