LeafWorks Inc. Genetic Data Policy V2.0

Dated February 18, 2022

LeafWorks is a plant genetic testing company creating DNA-based verification products and services for the botanical industry to enable the marketplace to know what they are buying, selling or growing. We build tools with the community to serve the community. The purpose of these products and services is to empower our customers to grow the market themselves, enable substantiated label claims, establish a transparent supply chain, and maximize product value for our customers.


The information presented in this data policy outlines how LeafWorks treats plant genetic data submitted by customers. LeafWorks is a company rooted in honoring herbal culture and community empowerment, and as such, we feel it is paramount to offer transparency and integrity in the way we treat submitted material and its associated genetic data. Genetic data is defined herein as DNA, DNA-derived information and/or sequencing information as the case may be.  LeafWorks includes herein any subsidiaries, affiliates, parents or successors.


Handling of Data from Tests and Services Purchased from LeafWorks

Genetic data derived from tests or services that you purchase from LeafWorks is utilized to provide results or reports for said test or service; however, LeafWorks retains the right to utilize submitted samples to improve tests and services for our customers.

All genetic data is maintained with password protection and state-of-the-art encryption.


How we store submitted material from purchased tests

Cannabis and hemp:  For purchased tests for cannabis, LeafWorks only works with submission materials that contain less than 0.3% THC. Submission materials such as a cannabis DNA collection card or hemp samples submitted to LeafWorks for genetic testing (other than Certified Reference Material) are stored for one year after a test report is returned to the customer. These materials are then destroyed unless, in accordance with LeafWorks’ sale documents, the customer notifies LeafWorks of a question with respect to its test prior to such destruction date.

Herbal plants:  For purchased tests for herbal plants (i.e., plants other than cannabis or hemp), raw material submitted to LeafWorks for genetic testing (other than Certified Reference Material) is stored for one year after a test report is returned to the customer. This raw material is then destroyed unless, in accordance with LeafWorks’ sale documents, the customer notifies LeafWorks of a question with respect to its test prior to such destruction date.

If the customer requests a retest after submitted material and/or genetic data is destroyed, customers must repurchase tests and submit new samples.


Persons who have access to data

The only LeafWorks employees who will have access to your genetic data will be laboratory workers for sales fulfillment and computer and scientist personnel approved to do so. All forms of these genetic data are kept in secure facilities.

To maintain anonymity during genetic data processing, data are organized by alphanumeric code. Data are only linked to customer-identifying information upon intake and for test report generation. This process is overseen and maintained by LeafWorks management.


Research Participation

For those customers interested in joining our mission to empower the herbal community through genetic verification, LeafWorks offers customers the opportunity to support our scientific research.

For purchased tests, LeafWorks retains the right to use submitted samples to refine or improve our tests and services. Customers can elect to opt-out of any possible research use within 60 days after purchase. Choosing not to participate will not impact your LeafWorks experience, although it can limit the work we do in providing the community with new or improved DNA ID tests and services. Our research program is constructed to create products and services that explicitly support our customers to reach their own business goals, not to compete with them.

Genetic data in the LeafWorks Research Database facilitates work by LeafWorks’ scientists for the creation of new and improved genetic tests to further serve the community. These genetic data will be kept private, and viewable only to the research and development team as LeafWorks or its contract partners develops new and improved DNA identification and other tests and products and breeding tools that help our clients and community thrive.

    For services that require Certified Reference Material creation, genetic data from these materials will exist in the LeafWorks DNA Database to fulfill the service. The LeafWorks team will guide you through the submission process. If Cannabis plants, the voucher must be submitted to Canndor, for inclusion in its Cannabis Herbarium. The LeafWorks team will also guide you through that submission process. For federally compliant plant species, vouchers must be submitted to LeafWorks or established with an in-house herbarium with maintained, shared documentation and committed long-term storage. LeafWorks must be given any in-house specimens scheduled to be destroyed by that organization to maintain proof of authentication.

Data incorporation into the research program does not give submitters rights to any products, inventions, patents, other intellectual property, or services that LeafWorks discovers, develops or sells, all of which are under the exclusive ownership of LeafWorks. LeafWorks expressly rejects any ownership rights to any original plants themselves.


Consulting Work Related to Genetic Data

LeafWorks offers consulting for organizations who want help finding a desired phenotype, establishing best agricultural practices, stabilizing or improving a cultivar, or projects along similar lines, involving their own seeds or plants or seeds or plants that they provide to us. We expressly do not own the plants on which we are contracted to work. Arrangements on treatment of genetic data pertaining to consulting work are subject to contractual agreements.


Genetic Data Protection

            LeafWorks will not sell, license, lease, or rent your individual-level information to a third party for research purposes where you have opted out of our research program without your explicit consent. We will not share your data with any public databases unless specifically requested by a customer.