Cannabis Genetic Consulting

Botanical Description:

If you want to establish your novel plant cultivar in the market or are seeking legal protection (such as a Plant Varietal Patent), a rigorous botanical description is necessary. Our white glove botanical description service details what makes your plant unique, uses scientific language and definitions, and can be the difference between swift legal protection and patent application rejections. LeafWorks offers a botanical description service in which a trained plant scientist will prepare a botanical description of your plant cultivar that can be used to protect your special creation.



Marker-assisted Breeding:

Pursuing a trait of interest and want genetics to help you breed there faster? Try marker-assisted breeding with LeafWorks. Our PhD scientists are standing by.



Seed Stability Analysis:

Stability through the creation of inbred lines (IBLs) or Backcrosses (BCs) are critical to introduce new traits of interest that are maintained across generations. LeafWorks can help you assess how stable your IBL or BC populations are and how many more generations you may need to develop to achieve stability. We know that time is money and our plant PhDs can help you optimize your crossing design so you know your resources are being used effectively.




As the Cannabis, Hemp, and Herbal markets become more prominent, genetic sequencing for improved breeding designs, intellectual property, and phenohunts is moving from optional to necessary. Let us help you achieve your DNA sequencing goals. As a fee for service, LeafWorks will prepare and sequence your material returning raw data files. LeafWorks can provide you expert level genetic analysis, as well as assist you with Marker Assisted Breeding, Seed Stability, or general Scientific Consulting.



General Scientific consulting:

The LeafWorks team is composed of highly trained plant scientists with PhDs in Plant Biology or Genetics. Are you interested in teasing out particular traits, running a specific bioinformatic analysis, or want to add rigorous scientific design to your next plant project? Give us a call, we’re happy to lend our expertise.