The LeafWorks Seal

As the Cannabis and Hemp markets grow, so does adulteration and identity fraud, driving a desire to differentiate your brand above the rest. Given the fluctuating regulations across US states, plants can be swapped, mislabeled, or renamed as they move along the supply chain creating inconsistency and uncertainty in labeling for both the organization and consumer.

The need for third-party certification in plant identity is most obvious with the ever popular feminization process to produce all female seed. Given the difficulty of the process, Feminization rates fluctuate, compromising the integrity of the seed lot and thus the sale. Lawsuits have been filed, millions of dollars are at stake. 

As solutions to these inconsistencies in the market, LeafWorks offers a series of third-party certifications for increased transparency and certainty. Each certification is represented by an easy to identify seal that qualified participants can put on packing. Anytime you see these seals in the market you know those products have been authenticated by a trusted third-party at the DNA-level. We set the standard in certainty, so you know what you’re buying, selling, growing, or consuming.


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