Cannabis & Hemp DNA Sex Test

Save up to 8 weeks and reduce operational costs by up to 20% with the LeafWorks DNA Sex Test. You can identify male Cannabis & Hemp plants as early as 7 days post germination. 

The LeafWorks DNA Sex Test is 99% accurate and because we use more biomarkers than the competition. We greatly reduce false positive test results allowing you to confidently remove male cannabis and hemp plants quickly.

DNA Sex Test Features: 

  • Easy turnkey collection and submission kit is provided for every order
  • Simply mail your cannabis or hemp plant samples using the collection cards provided
  • Up to 4 plants collected per card
  • Bulk Pricing: 
    • Order up to 25 cards: $60 per card;  only $15.00 per plant
    • Order 25 to 250 cards: $50 per card; only $12.50 per plant
    • Order over 250 cards: $40 per card; only $10.00 per plant
  • Fast DNA Sex Test Results: 3-7 business days on orders less than 1000 plants. 

LeafWorks only accepts samples through the LeafWorks DNA submission kit. We will not test or receive Schedule I tissue.