Why We're Different

LeafWorks builds scientific rigor and uncompromising ethics into all of its data and services.

How? LeafWorks uses Certified Reference Material to build its tests: material of known origin and composition used as a standard of comparison. Utilizing Certified Reference Material is standard practice in the development of all other plant-derived products. We feel cannabis and hemp should be no different.

In the botanical world, dried, preserved plant material, known as herbarium vouchers, has been used for centuries as a physical record of global plant diversity across time. These dried plant records are routinely used in scientific research and ID test development for verification purposes. Certified Reference Material is the standard for scientific research and for correct identification of plant species and cultivars. We use this rigor in service to the people and organizations that provide society’s most valued products in the cannabis, hemp, and herbal markets.

Above is an example of an herbarium voucher. This voucher, if preserved correctly, can last for hundreds of years and serves as Certified Reference Material. Vouchers are stored in an herbarium: a library of dried plants.

Canndor Herbarium, the world's first and only cannabis herbarium, holds the world's largest collection of cannabis vouchers to serve as an enduring reference for all of the cannabis community. LeafWorks is the exclusive DNA testing partner of the Canndor Herbarium, and as such, LeafWorks cannabis genetic tests are the only ones available on the market that are based in Certified Reference Material.