LeafWorks Cultivar Registration

This service is the first of its kind. Using international standards for defining plant cultivars and varietals, the LeafWorks Cultivar Registration enables Cannabis/Hemp breeders to establish a record of cultivar (“strain”) creation and/or ownership with a comprehensive genetic and phenotypic profile. As the Cannabis/Hemp industry transitions from prohibition to regulation, establishing consistent cultivar definitions verifiable through complete documentation will become increasingly crucial. This is your material, lay claim to it.

At its core, the LeafWorks Cultivar Registration is a timestamped certification service creating an indisputable record for registered cultivars. As part of this certification, LeafWorks generates, catalogs, and preserves your cultivar by transforming it into Certified Reference Material (vouchers). Plant vouchers are a historical and internationally recognized method for validating cultivars or varieties in other crops. Vouchers are the gold standards for identification. We partner with the Canndor Herbarium, a Cannabis/Hemp community non-profit that maintains this voucher material, to protect the record of your creation for years to come. In addition to generating Certified Reference Material, this service creates a full professional botanical description of your cultivar as well as a detailed breakdown of the phenotypic and genomic traits.

What can you use this certification for?

  • As Cannabis plant patents arise in frequency, expert botanical descriptions and genetic portfolios are critical additions to any application. The need to stake your claim has never been higher.
  • The generation of Certified Reference Material is the first step in the LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification. Spot-check sample batches, and flag inconsistent material across your supply chain, with this affordable, reliable, and fast DNA-based solution. 
  • Increase your brand equity and visibility, enter your material into the LeafWorks Cultivar ID Database enabling anyone to cross-reference plants or dispensary buds against your registered material. 

The Report: With every cultivar registration you receive a cultivar registration report. 

  1. Certification that your cultivar has been registered with LeafWorks and vouchers housed at the Canndor Herbarium.
  2. A scientific Botanical Description of your cultivar.
  3. A breakdown and phenotypic distribution of your cultivar’s traits in comparison to the LeafWorks Database.
  4. Genetic comparison of your cultivar against the LeafWorks Database to learn important breeding metrics like uniqueness, heterozygosity, and more.