LeafWorks Feminized Cannabis and Hemp Seed Certification

Want to verify your feminized seeds?


The development of feminized cannabis and hemp seeds is a powerful tool for breeders and growers. Unfortunately, the risks of ruined harvests and litigation that come with unverified seeds means that everyone who creates, sells, or buys feminized seeds should take steps to verify they are female. This is where a third-party certification can help.

With LeafWorks Feminized Seed Certification, you can quickly and cost-effectively certify your seed lots as female while displaying the LeafWorks Seal on your packaging to assure your customers that the seeds have been verified by a trusted source. The LeafWorks Feminized Seed Certification is done on a per cultivar, per seed lot basis and easily scales by poundage.


Feminized Seed Certification is a DNA test that tests for male contamination in a subsample of seeds and uses statistics to make feminization claims about an entire seed lot.

  • 106 seeds per lot required for submission

  • Certification has a 99% confidence interval and 2.5% margin of error

  • Certificate of Authenticity provided


$300 per seed lot, 106 seeds tested per lot

Test Results

3-7 business days after the lab receives your samples, depending on volume of cards to be processed.