LeafWorks in the News

Date: December 2020


By Hannah Wallace
Broccoli Magazine, Issue 10




Date: September 2020

New Appellations would celebrate individual terroir of cannabis strains

By Marcus Crowder
San Francisco Chronicle



Date: March 2020

What's in a name? Cannabis Strain Names.

By Michelle Lhooq
Playboy, Spring 2020



Date: December 2019

A rose by any other name

By Loren DeVito, PhD
Terpenes and Testing



Date: January 2019

Under the Microscope

Women and Weed, 2019



Date: May 2019

LeafWorks Gender ID Test Saves Marijuana Cultivators Big Bucks




Date: February 2019

Lots of cash rides on cannabis gender, so Sonoma County startup launches quick testing

By Chase DiFeliciantonio
North Bay Business Journal