LeafWorks Gender ID Test

Save yourself 6-8 weeks of time, energy, and resources waiting to sex plants by eye with the LeafWorks Gender ID Test. 

This DNA-based service identifies male Cannabis/Hemp plants as early as seven days post germination. With more markers than other comparable tests, the LeafWorks Gender ID Test is 99% accurate. Remove or partition male plants based on your needs with this quick and reliable technology, saving up to 20% in operational costs. 

Each Gender ID Test allows you to identify the sex of four separate plants. Submission is easy and legal for mailing. Bulk pricing is available.

Samples are submitted using collection cards. 

4 plants are collected per card. 

Volume pricing enables significant savings:

4 plants are collected per card 

Order 1-24 cards: 
price: $60/card (comes to $15/plant)

Order 25-249 cards: 
price: $50/card (comes to $12.50/plant)

Order 250+ cards: 
price: $40/card (comes to $10/plant)

Turnaround Time:

2-7 business days for 1 - 250 cards (1000 plants); 1 - 2 weeks for 251+ cards (1000+ plants) with rolling delivery of results throughout.   


Lost your instructions? Download them here
Learn how to SMASH samples onto cards here.

LeafWorks only accepts samples through the LeafWorks DNA submission kit. We will not test or receive Schedule I tissue.