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LeafWorks Gender ID Test

Bulk Discounts Available

Identify the gender of each seedling in the first seven days after germination.

Save yourself 6-8 weeks of time, energy and resources.

Our Gender ID test cards allow you to test four separate plants on each card for as low as $10/plant.

Volume pricing enables significant savings:

1-24 cards: 
$60/card ($15/plant)

25-249 cards: 
$50/card ($12.50/plant)

250+ cards: 
$40/card ($10/plant)

Our DNA-based test identifies biological males by testing for the presence of the Y-chromosome.

  • Our test is 99% accurate. Know gender within days!
  • Submission is fast and easy using our DNA Collection Kit.
  • Separate males from females within the first two weeks of your grow cycle.
  • Reliable early results save you 6-8 weeks of waiting for plants to show sex.
  • Save 20% of your total operational costs this harvest by culling unwanted males early.

Each Pack Includes Four Tests 

LeafWorks does not accept plant material or Schedule I materials for testing.