Other LeafWorks Tests

We extract DNA from the samples and use quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) to amplify male DNA (if it’s present) at multiple Y chromosome markers. Unlike competitors, we use multiple markers to eliminate any chance of false negatives. The reaction also includes a non-Y chromosomal control marker to ensure the test is working properly in both males and females.

Check out the LeafWorks Feminized Seed Certification page to order online. We are always happy to answer any questions you have regarding the service by phone (1-800-549-1731) or email (info@leafworks.com).

Yes! Sonoma County hemp growers are required to ONLY plant 100% female hemp plants. As your neighbor, submission is easy. Check out the LeafWorks Feminized Seed Certification page to order online and coordinate your seed dropoff for testing.

Yes, HLVd is one of our most popular pathogen tests.

Give us a call or email us at info@leafworks.com to discuss a genetics consulting project

We do not store strains via tissue culture. If you are trying to store plants as an archival reference, consider preserving your cultivar as a pressed and dried herbarium voucher with the LeafWorks Vouchering Service in partnership with Canndor Herbarium. Plant vouchers are the gold standard for cultivar and varietal identification.

LeafWorks partners with Canndor Herbarium, the world’s first and only cannabis herbarium, by providing plant stewards with the instructions and material they need to voucher their plants correctly. Then, LeafWorks prepares the specimens for long term storage, digitizes the record, and delivers the vouchers to Canndor for long term storage and maintenance. If you want genotyping services and phenotypes included in a plant profile, upgrade to LeafWorks’ Cultivar Registration.

You use it as part of a plant varietal patent application, serving as a scientific physical description of your cultivar.