LeafWorks Cultivar Registration

The LeafWorks Cultivar Registration enables cannabis and hemp breeders to establish a permanent, trackable record of cultivar (“strain”) creation and/or ownership with a comprehensive genetic and phenotypic profile. Our service creates a gold standard reference for your cultivar. The LeafWorks Cultivar Registration allows you to:

  • Sequence your cultivar’s genome
  • Claim your cultivar in the market
  • Assist in Plant Variety Patents
  • Support appellatory applications
  • Establish a sample reference to track material transfers through the LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification service
  • Auditing and licensing enforcement
  • Register your cultivar in the LeafWorks Cultivar ID Database for future querying and market reference
  • Ability to create an NFT of your cultivar and its data
  • Turn your cultivar into Certified Reference Material through vouchering

We recommend registering your cultivar. LeafWorks Cultivar Registration is a timestamped certification service creating an indisputable record for registered cultivars. As part of this certification, LeafWorks generates, catalogs, and preserves your cultivar by transforming it into Certified Reference Material (vouchers). Plant vouchers are the gold standard for cultivar and varietal identification. This registration process utilizes the Canndor Herbarium, a cannabis community non-profit that maintains this voucher material, to protect the record of your creation for years to come. In addition to generating Certified Reference Material, this superior service by LeafWorks creates both a professional botanical description of your cultivar and a detailed breakdown of the phenotypic and genomic traits.