Giving You the Tools to Create Something in its Most Perfect Form

Beyond the tools we have created to help you better understand what is happening with your plants, we are here to partner with you on a deeper level, consulting on all aspects of your grows and your business.  Our expertise across the full spectrum of plant genetics allows us to tailor our relationships with our clients, delivering exactly what you need to answer the question you have and address your specific challenges.

Whether you are working to improve the health and performance of your crops, or seeking to better understand why your plants are acting the way they are, the leafWorks team of PhDs can guide you along every step of the path to realizing your vision.

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We envision a world where
the boundless array of benefits offered by the world of plants is fully appreciated,
breeders and farmers are secure in the knowledge that they can continue doing what they do best
and consumers implicitly trust what’s on their labels.