How To Send In Plant Samples For Testing

Each card can be used to test four individual plants. One plant per quadrant.

Only one plant sample per envelope

Certainly, testing can be performed at any time.

A single card, which will cover up to 4 tests. When we transition to envelopes (coming soon!),1 test will cover 1 plant, so in this case you would purchase a quantity of 3.


While both are acceptable to use, we recommend using the first true leaf so you don’t damage the plant during early development.

A small young leaf no larger than the size of your pinkie finger will work

Give us a call or check out our services page so we can send you the necessary tools to send your samples to us legally and in good condition.

Collect your samples at home, the farm or wherever your plants are. Mail the samples to us for testing as directed in the submission instructions

This varies depending on the test. Either the first true leaf (or young leaf) for sex testing, the petiole and partial leaf for pathogen testing (all except fusarium) or root tissue for fusarium.

Yes. To help minimize confusion, just indicate that you are sending back a partial batch from your original order and include your name and email with the subsequent samples. We strongly recommend getting a tracking number for your package.