Plant Sex Tests

The LeafWorks Cannabis & Hemp DNA Sex Test is a Y-chromosome assay that screens multiple markers for the presence of males. It includes an autosomal internal control so you know the reaction worked, and tests also include external positive control.

Many competitors only offer single markers to detect males. If the assay fails to detect the Y chromosome at that marker, it opens you up to false negatives. Our assay screens for more than one Y chromosome marker. Additionally, our markers are 99% accurate. We have screened them against thousands of male and female genomes to ensure they detect males, every time. We have tested public markers and competitors’ kits on our extensive database and have found they have 5-25% error rates in accurate calling. Our test is simply better.

Currently we only test for the presence of males and females.

Yes we can! As soon as you can take a place of leaf without killing the plant, we can tell you if it is a male or female with 2-5 day turnaround time. Save weeks if not months of waiting

Absolutely, we recommend using the first true leaf your seedlings produce or young leaf.

Yes, we plan to keep sex testing!


Those cards are super expensive and envelopes are much easier for processing. It was time to transition!

If kept dry, indefinitely.


2-5 business days.

Unfortunately we can only identify sex in cannabis plants at this time, we do hope to develop a test for other species of plants in the future. If you have a need for sex testing of a particular species, please contact us at