How Brands Can Use Packaging to Differentiate Themselves: LeafWorks’ Take

On September 8, 2022 Beard Bros posted an article talking about how packaging is key for brands to distinguish themselves in the market.

We couldn’t agree more that packaging is a major driver in purchasing decisions (aside from quality of the product itself). “It’s [Branding] is the only way to separate yourself.” So then how can brands differentiate themselves to maximum benefit? Third party certification that proves that what is in the jar is on the label. It’s objective validation- proof in the pudding that your product is consistent and trustworthy in a standard framework that a consumer can easily recognize.

As Beard Bros points out, “great packaging can get you into more dispensaries…[Customers] want recognizable designs that let them know they’re buying from the same growers that care about their customers as much as they do their product.” The LeafWorks Supply Chain Certification verifies just that- that cultivars come from the farm as advertised and contain the plants you think they do (and nothing else!). The LeafWorks Certified Seal easily tells buyers that this brand gives them what they want.

See examples of a LeafWorks Certified brand, Humboldt Seed Company. Their entire line of feminized seed is certified feminized.

Example packaging with LeafWorks-Certified Seal

Example packaging with LeafWorks-Certified Seal. Customers can clearly see that seeds are certified feminized. Our seal can also be loaded into UPC format.

Lastly, we agree that trends come and go, but the conscious consumer movement is here to STAY. Lean in, capture that fiercely loyal customer base, and install an evergreen process like label validation that ensures brand equity for the long term.