R&D Pipeline

We turn genomic data into technologies that help you grow better cannabis.

Revolutionizing cannabis through DNA.

LeafWorks is on a mission. We engage with the cannabis and hemp communities to help them breed better plants, streamline operations and provide the product transparency necessary to make their businesses thrive.

How? Our genomic data and analysis pipelines crack the cannabis genetic code to solve these issues for you.

The power of genomics in your fields.

As scientists, we know part of good science is being thorough.

LeafWorks sequenced the first male and female cannabis sibling genomes, created a global cannabis genome database, and pioneered the use of Certified Reference Material in cannabis to build a portfolio of identification services that make discovering unwanted plants in your grow easy, quick and reliable.

Moving towards modern breeding in cannabis agriculture.

Cannabis is an emergent major crop with an exploding market but is still in its infancy in agricultural development.

The problem is that there is a lack of data, a lack of understanding of the cannabis genome and a serious need to get them.

To solve this problem, LeafWorks is building the world’s most extensive genetic mapping program. Powered by the largest DNA database of cannabis diversity in the industry and our proprietary trait-decoding bioinformatic platform, we are building a universal genetic marker panel for our customers that screens multiple traits quickly for a world-class marker-assisted breeding program. We will bring the power of genomic data to your farm so you can quickly breed the next generation of high quality, stable cannabis plants.

Modern breeding applications of our predictive breeding tools will:

  • Accelerate breeding up to 3X faster than traditional breeding methods
  • Save up to 4 generations of work
  • Save $1.8M average operational costs per breeding program
  • Potential $4.6B savings across the US cannabis breeding programs