Podcasts featuring LeafWorks

Date: May 2020

High NOON Sundays Podcast with Eleanor Kuntz of LeafWorks

Siobhan Darwish
Grow Sisters Media



Date: April 2020

Capitol Cathy Podcast: Eleanor Kuntz of LeafWorks.

Capitol Cathy Podcast
Emerald Magazine Media Group



Date: April 2020

Boutique Cannabis Needs Appellations.

Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank
Panel discussion for SXSW 2020, Virtual



Date: March 2020

Cannabis DNA Testing, A Weed Herbarium, and Label Fidelity with the CEO of LeafWorks

Strawberry Sequoia
The Mary Jane Experience: A Cannabis Podcast



Date: February 2020

Mapping Marijuana's DNA with Dr. Kerin Law, LeafWorks

Samar Marwan
Hella High Podcast



Date: November 2019

Cannabis DNA Fraud Is a Huge Problem. This Company Wants to Solve It.

Jonathan Small
Green Entrepreneur